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Sukhdeep Singh

I love travelling, hiking, frisbee and making friends.

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Bioinformatics Scientist with broad experience in scientific and big data analysis (multi species), construction of web applications, R package development. I have experiences in genomics, epigenetics, proteomics, neurophysiology and NGS data analysis for long range projects. I have been working in Linux and Open source for 10 years. My general interests are solving complex problems in science using computational algorithms, artificial intelligence and exploiting the intelligent computation. With my Bachelors in Biotechnology and Masters in Bioinformatics, I have gained both theoretical and practical knowledge to question and challenge scientific questions. During my PhD in Bioinformatics, I have setup high-throughput state of art NGS data analysis pipelines utilizing high performance computing catering to the needs of hostlab and other collaborating labs along establishing many new collaborations. During my career path, I have been a part of various projects at excellent institutes, Imperial College London, University of Leicester, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, and Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, where I have had a chance to meet very skilled researchers in the field. Apart from Science, I am actively involved in attending, organizing and moderating various workshops, social events and tours ranging from community and cultural events to hiking and cycling tours. Every year, I spend some time abroad on eco-conservation and social innovation projects.


Working as a Bioinformatics Scientist at HZPC where I am creating, managing and supporting advanced Bioinformatics infrastructure to assist in the healthier and high-quality production of fourth-largest food crop in the world. I am directly engaged in NGS-based research using high-throughput genomics for the development and application of breeding and selection purposes. At HZPC, using the state of art principles, we contribute directly to the aim of food sustainability using Potatoes as a means. We are an innovative world leader in potato breeding, seed potato trade and product concept development operating worldwide in more than 15 countries and exports to over 90 countries.

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I love hiking. I like travelling n' talking to people, or doing something adventurous. If I am not doing any of these, you can find me Djing, Biking, playing Frisbee, Table Tennis, or something new that I have just heard of :) Mother nature makes me complete, being more wild and raw. I love to adventure. I want to walk the world, hike the summits and dive the oceans, and the more I do, I feel I have done nothing. Being from a warrior clan (Sikh), I like to take risks and be brave. Life is awesome and everyday is an opportunity to meet great people, learn, experience and do the undone. Most Pictures are my own :)